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Do you remember the good or do you remember the bad?

I was disappointed at the pounding of the mechanical errors during the Vancouver Olympics opening ceremony. Even articles pointing the best moments started off with pointing out the gaffe.

How about you?

Do you always start off by criticizing what you see, hear or experience or do you seek for a balanced analysis?

And, in the end, do you tend to remember what did not work or do you try to remember what you really enjoyed from relationships, experiences and life in general?

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What’s your health strategy when taking vitamins or medications?

I foresee what will happen with Gingko now.

Most people will probably continue to take it in case the science is wrong. Their idea is to enhance cognition and eventually prevent memory loss and Alzheimer. Science hasn’t proven its cognitive properties, though, check this recent article published in Time magazine.


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Forever Young

Are you interested in staying young forever? I was honored to participate on a panel with other prestigious speakers at the Anti-Aging Panel at the Florida Conference for Women in Orlando Florida, last week. The panel included Dr. Saralyn MarkDr. Deborah Harding and our distinguished moderator was Dr. Carol Scott.

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