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Is Branding Limiting Your Celebrity Status?

By: Dr. Gaby Cora

Why is Anderson Cooper struggling to survive on daytime television? Aside from competing against Ellen DeGeneres and Dr. Oz, is there another reason he is having trouble? Some speculate that it’s because he’s looking for his voice. I feel that its more likely because we as viewers are expecting him to do something that he has never really done before. Cooper is a celebrity—and this is why he is hosting his show. However, his celebrity status is tightly connected to his journalistic branding style and not for his ability to interact with guests in less serious, and more casual situations. TV personality Nancy Grace may have ventured into Dancing with the Stars in a publicity attempt to make her appear more likeable and less antagonistic while creating some public appeal, but it was difficult to see the hard-core prosecutor as someone having fun on the dance floor.

Expert consultants thrive while focusing on niche areas. Once brought in, and particularly after establishing a trusting relationship with their clients, they are asked to help resolve numerous situations outside of their expert area. The consultant is in the process of becoming a “celebrity,” so to speak, to his client: a trusted collaborator.

Having a highly valued brand is not inconsistent with becoming a celebrity. It’s just a matter of timing. Most celebrities had a brand in the beginning of their careers and, over time, grew to become gurus in their field, adored in many ways, attracting many people to them beyond their focused brand. Thus, they branched out from branding into celebrity status.

While keeping a brand is important—you wouldn’t imagine Oprah running a Jerry Springer-like show—experts with star power who continue to focus on their area of expertise even when people think of them as celebrities, may cloud opportunities beyond what they originally imagined. In a way, by continuing to be only a brand, that person will limit their own path to achieve celebrity status.

How about you? Are you in the process of designing your brand at the beginning of your career? Are you a well-established brand? Are you a celebrity? Are you both?

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Ready to Leave the Recession Behind for a Fresh Start in 2012?

By: Dr. Gaby Cora

We’re walking into 2012 and most Americans still taste recession. Perhaps they are dealing with:

  • Loss of their job
  • Loss of investments
  • Loss of health
  • Working more jobs and making less money
  • Financial strains affecting their relationships

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Do You Know Who's Steering Your Ship?

By: Dr. Gaby Cora

The Italian cruise tragedy raises several concerns starting from “who was in charge,” to “what was the contingency plan,” to “what was the multi-layered plan in case of an emergency.”

This is a terrible and shocking situation of great magnitude that forces all of us to take a serious look into our organization’s leadership structure, systems, and contingency plans.

There are captains and then there are leaders.

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Is Your Brilliant Personality Killing Your Business?

By: Dr. Gaby Cora

“Manners Maketh Man” was our school motto. I was so young I couldn’t even read when this was said during our assemblies but I came to understand what it meant early on. We could be the greatest at what we did but the way in which we interacted with one another spoke more about our greatness than our intellectual or physical ability demonstrated during debates, competitions, and daily activities.

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Do you hold your loved ones hostage?

By: Dr. Gaby Cora

There are multiple ways in which people reciprocate their feelings: some exchange love for love and create lasting relationships that help one another experience happiness and growth. Others control their loved ones through guilt, money, or power.

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On New Years and Effective Planning

By: Dr. Gaby Cora

One month into the New Year on the day of the Chinese New Year, most business owners, entrepreneurs, and companies are well immersed into their business plans already. As I prepared for our upcoming chapter meeting with the Women President’s Organization, I intended to follow-up on guiding the group to go deeper into the SWOT analysis with my co-chair, Linda Lane Gonzalez (President of Viva Partnership). This follow-up in addition to a conference call I participated in yesterday with my fellow chapter president elects in the National Speakers’ Association (a call that became focused on using a one-page business plan), spurred me into putting my thoughts together and narrowing down effective business plan processes.

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Do you complete what you start?

Many people start many projects and then complete some while leaving many incomplete. Some use the strategy of shooting in the dark with the hope that some arrows will reach the target. While this strategy may work if you have much energy to spare, a more focused, precise and accurate approach will be bull’s eye through time.

It is fine to stop doing something we don’t believe will work. However, if left unfinished, there is nothing we can look back to evaluate to improve. But what if this pattern happens over and over again? For example, let’s say you start a project. Midway, you realize it’s not what you expected and you stop it altogether. You start a second project and leave it hanging and then a third, fourth and fifth. Why is this technique inefficient and leading nowhere?

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Do you remember the good or do you remember the bad?

I was disappointed at the pounding of the mechanical errors during the Vancouver Olympics opening ceremony. Even articles pointing the best moments started off with pointing out the gaffe.

How about you?

Do you always start off by criticizing what you see, hear or experience or do you seek for a balanced analysis?

And, in the end, do you tend to remember what did not work or do you try to remember what you really enjoyed from relationships, experiences and life in general?

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Do you focus on achieving one goal at a time or do you try to reach many goals at the same time?

This has been the theme of the week.

An entrepreneur started a new venture and was concerned when things didn’t go as well as he expected. Although he had a great idea, he didn’t build the foundation to support the project, almost giving up before he had really started.

Another executive has been doing great with a simple strategy and was ready to let go with the consistent plan rather than focusing on it for the next few months before jumping into something else.

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Do you work through strengths or through weaknesses?

Do you work through strengths or through weaknesses?

Years ago I was chatting with a more senior executive in Corporate America. I mentioned my love of medicine and its integration with business and my dislike of the more tedious financial reports. She immediately said I should focus on developing skills in the accounting and financial aspects of my work, leaving aside my forte as I shouldn’t focus on my strengths but on my weaknesses, she said.

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