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Ready to Leave the Recession Behind for a Fresh Start in 2012?

By: Dr. Gaby Cora

We’re walking into 2012 and most Americans still taste recession. Perhaps they are dealing with:

  • Loss of their job
  • Loss of investments
  • Loss of health
  • Working more jobs and making less money
  • Financial strains affecting their relationships

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It’s Showtime

By: Dr. Gaby Cora

Welcome! What a pleasure it is to share the lessons learned and exciting projects with you! Dr. Gaby’s Take: Make Life Interesting is all about the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing and the valuable lessons I’ve learned from them.

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Are Alphas Healthier Than Their Counterparts?

By: Dr. Gaby Cora

Alpha males and females have intrinsic characteristics—aside from being competitive, controlling, and more aggressive, they are also born healthier, more energetic, and more resilient.

Sure, they can get themselves in to more stressful situations by virtue of being more dominant and on the front lines at all times, which in turn make them more vulnerable to personal attacks. Alphas get to have more head-to-head physical, emotional, and intellectual confrontations or plain collisions. Their innate ability to endure frontal assaults may exceed others’ genetic capabilities to sustain stress itself.

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Stay Awake While Working at Night

By: Dr. Gaby Cora

The Federal Aviation Administration suspends a controller for watching a movie during his shift. This is another incident to add to other suspensions, mostly for sleeping on the job. Who’s at fault: the controller or the system in which the controller works? Although workers may focus better at their daytime job, night work offers a challenge: how do you stay awake when you are alone and when you are not so busy?

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On New Years and Effective Planning

By: Dr. Gaby Cora

One month into the New Year on the day of the Chinese New Year, most business owners, entrepreneurs, and companies are well immersed into their business plans already. As I prepared for our upcoming chapter meeting with the Women President’s Organization, I intended to follow-up on guiding the group to go deeper into the SWOT analysis with my co-chair, Linda Lane Gonzalez (President of Viva Partnership). This follow-up in addition to a conference call I participated in yesterday with my fellow chapter president elects in the National Speakers’ Association (a call that became focused on using a one-page business plan), spurred me into putting my thoughts together and narrowing down effective business plan processes.

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Do you complete what you start?

Many people start many projects and then complete some while leaving many incomplete. Some use the strategy of shooting in the dark with the hope that some arrows will reach the target. While this strategy may work if you have much energy to spare, a more focused, precise and accurate approach will be bull’s eye through time.

It is fine to stop doing something we don’t believe will work. However, if left unfinished, there is nothing we can look back to evaluate to improve. But what if this pattern happens over and over again? For example, let’s say you start a project. Midway, you realize it’s not what you expected and you stop it altogether. You start a second project and leave it hanging and then a third, fourth and fifth. Why is this technique inefficient and leading nowhere?

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Do you focus on achieving one goal at a time or do you try to reach many goals at the same time?

This has been the theme of the week.

An entrepreneur started a new venture and was concerned when things didn’t go as well as he expected. Although he had a great idea, he didn’t build the foundation to support the project, almost giving up before he had really started.

Another executive has been doing great with a simple strategy and was ready to let go with the consistent plan rather than focusing on it for the next few months before jumping into something else.

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Kids Stress

Do our kids stress more than we did when we were young?

Just as an example, if you feel swamped with the blessings and curses that instant technology brings to you, what about their situation? They have been born in the technology boom.

In addition, there are great disparities in the world of these children: those born into homes where they are well-taken care of and those who have experienced and lived atrocities that no adult or child should ever experience.

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Stressed about taking vacation?

Many worry about having a job during the recession, taking vacation doesn’t even cross their mind.

With busy week schedules, many try to maximize their recreation time on a daily and weekend basis rather than formally taking time off.

Interestingly, generation Y seems to be slightly more worried than generation X about whether or not they will still have a job when they come back as per this study.

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Forever Young

Are you interested in staying young forever? I was honored to participate on a panel with other prestigious speakers at the Anti-Aging Panel at the Florida Conference for Women in Orlando Florida, last week. The panel included Dr. Saralyn MarkDr. Deborah Harding and our distinguished moderator was Dr. Carol Scott.

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