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The Danger of Bias

By: Dr. Gaby Cora

Natalia, my daughter, was only six years old when she came running home from school one day, eager to tell me what she had just learned in art class.  I was in my early thirties at the time. I’d had her when I was twenty-two and then graduated from med school as a doctor at twenty-four, with her and my son in tow. So when she told me this story, I was a young mom as well as a young doctor training in psychiatry at the time.

Natalia was so excited, she didn’t have enough breath to tell me everything that had happened to her in the one minute she got to me. It was odd for her to be so thrilled, almost agitated by whatever she had to tell me.

Her excitement suddenly made sense when she told me she had learned about Vincent Van Gogh and his amazing story. She loved his art, but wow, what a story she had to tell about his personal life! Almost immediately after talking about his art, she blurted out: “You know, Mom? He cut off his ear and then he killed himself.”

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