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Screen for Depression during Financial Stress and Economic Crisis

October 10th is National Depression Screening Day.

The current economic and financial crisis has created increased pressure on all of us. As many struggle with the uncertainty of whether or not they will continue to have a job, others deal with the challenges of laying people off, many of whom may have been colleagues and friends. With stress reaching epidemic numbers, many struggle with staying healthy during rough times. Stress affects the most vulnerable systems: some people will experience frequent migraine headaches, whereas others will develop gastrointestinal problems, and others will have high blood pressure. Stress may trigger panic attacks in some people and will affect others with clinical depression.

Depression is common, affecting one in ten adults each year and twice as many women as men. Depression is a serious medical illness that negatively impacts how we think, how we feel, and how we behave. When we feel down or sad, our perception of the world becomes gloomy. Many experience depression with little hope for the future and doubt that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Our expert consultants assist executives, entrepreneurs, road warriors, their teams, and their organizations in a wide range of interventions. We are expert in assessing, diagnosing, planning, and intervening in multiple, complex situations. We have extensive experience in the United States and globally.

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Executive Seminars Integrated with Individual & Team Coaching

We have assisted executives, their teams, and their organizations in a wide range of interventions and complex situations. Our consulting services can be integrated with our seminars and workshops at your corporation’s offices or designated location for your convenience. Executives who utitlize our expertise have experienced increased productitivy and performance in leadership, development, sales, marketing, and negotiation, crisis management, workplace stress management and optimized individual and organizational health.

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