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On Energy and Finding the Right Matches in Love, Work and Business

By Dr. Gaby Cora

You like the guy or you like the girl. You want the job or you want the partnership. You focus on getting it, you work hard on it, and nothing happens. You bring all your energy to get what you want and yet, it feels like you are talking to a wall.

Why is this?

Often times, this is a mismatch in alignment: whenever one person or party brings in plenty of energy and it seems like there is a mismatch on the other side, this is usually true. There is a disconnect in the shared energy, vibration, or interaction.

When everything is aligned, conversations flow, relationships flourish and opportunities grow for all.

How can you become aware of this match—or mismatch—without spending too much of your precious time, energy and dedication?

  1. Self-Check: Take measure of your level of excitement. Is it high? Does it reciprocate? If yes, continue to move ahead and establish an ongoing interaction that should continue to feel good to both parties. If it does not reciprocate, step back and see if there is any attempt made to reach you. It is tough to let go but make sure you are not devoting too much of your energy when there is little effort on the other end. By focusing on this one opportunity, you’ll lose perspective of other opportunities that may also be right in front of you and that may be a better fit.
  2. Learn more about yourself and how you affect others: You can help raise your partner’s energy and your work/business energy with your own if your energy is high, just as much as you can bring everybody’s energy down if your’s is low. Sometimes, when there seems to be apathy, the only way to bring the energy level a notch higher is by creating some movement or flow, which may end up in an argument or discussion. Even if many people hate to argue, arguing generates a higher level of energy than flat energy or mood. The next step is to create ways of finding consensus and focus on growing together.
  3. Match Your Energy: Have you ever wondered why you could never be friends with a bully? If you love people and the best of them, you will not be able to be around people who take pleasure from harming others. If your energy is high, you will only align with similar energy environments and you will not align with people, places or jobs with lower energy vibrations.
  4. How about Rhythms? Have you ever felt that you are ahead of your time? It can be very frustrating to have great ideas that others don’t seem to get or appreciate, only to see those ideas flourish months or years later by others’ initiative! Find your own rhythm and see how you can match it with the outside world: if you go too fast, others won’t get you. If you go too slow, you will be left behind.


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