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The Executive Health & Wealth Institute strives to include national and international thought leaders in complementary areas.  Each expert is a leader in their field and offers coaching, consulting, and keynotes.  Our health and wealth experts are invited to participate by
invitation only.

Gabriela Corá

Gabriela Corá, MD, MBA

Dr. Gaby Corá is the President of the Executive Health & Wealth Institute.  Dr. Corá is a leadership and well-being consultant to corporations in critical situations and to transitioning leaders of multi-billion dollar family businesses. Some of her clients include the Coca-Cola Company, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Blue Bunny, Home Financing Center, and Universal Group.  She's the author of Leading Under Pressure: Strategies to Avoid Burnout, Increase Energy, and Improve Your Well-Being and of the provocative Alpha Female Leader.

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Eduardo R. Locatelli

Eduardo R. Locatelli, MD, MPH

Dr. Eduardo Locatelli is the Vice President of the Executive Health & Wealth Institute.  Dr. Locatelli is also the Principal and Medical Director of The Florida Neuroscience Center.  He is a Six Sigma Champion and was Director of Medical Informatics at Cleveland Clinic Florida until he started Florida Neuroscience and created a unique alliance with Holy Cross Hospital.

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The Executive Health & Wealth Institute

Millions around the world are struggling to balance the constant demands of work and life.  If you and your executive team feel like professional jugglers wishing for three extra pairs of hands to balance it all, we can help.

The Executive Health & Wealth Institute has offices and a conference center in Miami, Florida.  We work with people and companies that want to be healthy while they become wealthy.  The institute offers comprehensive programs integrating services for the busy entrepreneur, executive, professional and corporate warrior.

Executive Health & Wealth Institute

Our one-on-one wellness coaching sessions and public and corporate presentations offer real-life tips and strategies to help you thrive personally, professionally and as an organization during the full range of good times of abundance to critical times of lack.

Check out our client testimonials and partial client list for more insights into how we can help you and your organization improve your health, performance and productivity.